If I try to describe my santouris, I would say that the old school makers' tradition, who have made extraordinary instruments for almost 5 decades (20s-60s), co-exist with the modern and of good quality materials that are available nowadays.

More specificall, I could focus of the following unique elements of my constructions:

*All of the santouris constructed at my workshop have soundboards made of solid European alpine spruce (Picea Abies) ,
which I import myself, as it is not available in Greece in this quality and dimmensions.


Λεπτομέρεια από καπάκιDetail from a soundboard,
approximately 20 straight grains per inch.


* The same goes for the bottom soundboards of the santouris.

* The soundboards have struts.

* The rails are 3ply with bleech reinforcment.

* As for the pin blocks I use multi laminated pin block which helps the particular part of the     instrument, on which a lot of pressure is pu, to endure, and results in smooth tuning.


Λεπτομέρεια από pin blockDetail from pin block (cross cut).


ΑποθήκηOur Store.


* The framework is “laminated” with solid European maple or beech.
The old way of building is obvious in the next photo; the sharp angles, which the long side and the sides of the instrument form, are cut.
A wooden block is put in its place, which is then rounded off. Finally, a thin piece of wood covers the pinblocks.
(see picture below).


Λεπτομέρεια από τη μεγάλη πλευρά του οργάνου


* The bottom soundboard is laminated with mahogany venner.


Η κάτω μεριά του οργάνουThe bottom soundboard.


* The bass strings are made by me.
  I use hexagonal “Rosslau” steel and “Degen” cooper, thus achieving a  clear bass sound.


Υλικά κατασκευής χορδώνString making matterials.


* The tuning pins and the hitch pins are "Bienne" (Germany).

* The tuning hammer is starshape with long shaft for smooth and easy tuning.


Το κλειδί Ταφ που συνοδεύει τα σαντούρια μου είναι πολυγωνικό με μακρύ άξονα για ακρίβεια και ευκολία στο κούρδισμα


* Jig bags are available at the right dimensions.


Τα σαντούρια συνοδεύονται από αδιάβροχη θήκη επενδυμένη με αφρολέξ


The range of my santouris are 3,5 octaves from G 98Hz up to B 987,8 Hz, which is the classic size the solists Tassos Diakogiorgis and Aristides Moschos played with.
It should be mentioned that their santouris were made by Giannis Zafeiropoulos who was incoparable.

Although I believe that the two extra bass strings the biggest size santouri offers is an unnecessery innovation,
I can add them to my construction if asked, without an extra charge.


Η έκταση των οργάνων που κατασκευάζω είναι 3,5 οκτάβες από Σολ 98 Hz μέχρι Σι 987.8 Hz (πεντάρι),
το κλασσικό δηλαδή μέγεθος με το οποίο έπαιζαν και οι δεξιοτέχνες Τ. Διακογιώργης και Αριστείδης Μόσχος.
Αξίζει να σημειωθεί εδώ ότι τα σαντούρια των δύο μεγάλων αυτών μουσικών ήταν φτιαγμένα
από τον αξεπέραστο Γιάννη Ζαφειρόπουλο (Γιαννάκη).

Παρόλο που η προσωπική μου άποψη είναι ότι τα δύο επιπλέον κόντρα μπάσα που προσφέρει το μεγαλύτερο μέγεθος (εφτάρι) είναι ένας περιττός νεωτερισμός, μπορούν να προστεθούν στην κατασκευή εάν αυτό ζητηθεί χωρίς παραπάνω χρέωση.